Bob and NPR's Juan Williams Agree on Entering Iraq


    • Bob Enyart agrees with National Public Radio and Fox News Channel analyst Juan Williams about the justification for America going to war against Saddam Hussein, to stop the Iraqi president who has murdered more than 300,000 Iraqis and Kurds.


    • ABC’s Good Morning America, and NBC’s Today Show just interviewed frequent BEL co-host Brian Rohrbough about the nearly 1,000 more pages of documents the Columbine parents have wrested from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department, shocking people everywhere at how utterly preventable the Columbine murders were, and also at how blatantly the public school system and sheriff’s department lied about their knowledge of the threat posed by Harris and Klebold.


  • The FBI announced a terrorist plot to blow up NYC’s Holland Tunnel, by Assem HAMmoud. So many terrorists and terror groups have HAM, in their names, H-A-M. This guy, Assem HAMmoud, then there’s HAMbali; HAMas; 9-11’s MoHAMmed Atta; Al Qaeda lieutenant Kahlid Sheikh MoHAMmad; MuHAMmad Abdulzeez; terrorist sympathizer/sniper John Alvin MoHAMmad; MuHAMmad Abu Abbas; and many others; and now, Holland Tunnel plotter Assem HAMmoud. Europeans descend from Noah's son Japeth; Jews and others (Semites) from Shem; and Orientals and others from Ham (Hamitic). Ham fathered Canaan (the Canaanites) by incest with his mother (Noah's wife), and various Canaanites and Semites intermarried, and through biblical times warred against the Israelites. And today, the short history of the world continues with the ethnic and cultural descendants of various Canaanite tribes confirming their Hamitic origins.