Lovemeorhateme at TOL

 * Global Warming Update: As snow sweeps across Israel, from the Golan Heights to the southern desert, Coloradoans are digging out from the last blizzard just in time for the next one!
 * UK Report on Robot Rights: British government commissioned reports included one suggesting robot rights, that is, the giving of housing rights, robo-healthcare, etc., to robots by 2056 AD at which time these experts think that robots may be sentient. Ha! (An artificially intelligent computer that plays chess doesn't know what chess is, or that it can play chess, or that it even exists.) A robot is made up only of atoms and molecules and therefore lacks a soul, so, just like a hammer or a plant, it has no awareness, and cannot feel pain.  Of course, sentience is awareness, and like other knowledge, awareness is non-physical, and does not come from a material but from a non-physical realm. The laws of logic are NOT physical (they don't boil, have no mass, etc.), the laws of grammar are NOT physical; knowledge is NOT physical; etc. Yet listen to an atheist attempt to prove that only the physical realm exists, and he will use language, knowledge, and logic (all of which are non-material) in a fear-driven attempt to disprove the validity of anything non-physical. Ha!!
 * Howard Dean Beware: the ShadowGov press release warning the Democrats that Denver is the world HQ of the Clinton Rapist Protests has been distributed by the KGOV staff to the DNC, to Bill Clinton's Harlem NY headquarters, to Hillary's Senate offices in D.C. and NYC, to the Clinton Library, and to the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News. If you have the time, please consider emailing or faxing that press release to your local and state Democratic party leaders. Thanks!
 * National Geographic Harms Evolution: Again. This time, micro-organisms supposedly 220 million years old appear virtually identical to today's bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoans, even though tiny organisms are supposed to evolve more rapidly than large species. Ha!
 * A Former British Homosexual: from the UK was saved through the outreach of TOL (, a ministry of Denver Bible Church). Known at TOL as lovemeorhateme, he was saved in October during this thread, and this past week he wrote a Post-of-the-Day to Adam.
Today's Resource: We will send a free Mt. Moriah video to any unbeliever who mentions this offer in a letter mailed to Bob Enyart PO Box 583 Arvada CO 80001. But if you want resources to help train yourself to witness for Christ to someone who is unsaved, consider the BEL Salvation Pack! Getting someone to move from unbelief to trusting in Christ typically involves breaking down both pride and misconceptions. So we've assembled five powerful resources to help you help someone convert to Christianity!