Republican Official Helps Kids Disrespect Grandma

  • Today the Enyart's watched three young granddaughters completely disrespect their grandma at McDonald's.

  • A Republican Attorney General and the ACLU force school principle to cave in to the clothing choices of eleven and twelve year olds, yet again undermining adult authority over children.

  • Colorado State Commissioner of Education encourages a large crowd of conservative Christians during the annual Homeschool Day at the Capitol.

  • Recap of the KGOV Immigration Solution.

  • Linda Brake from CRTL announces Colorado Right To Life's April 29 High School Oratory Contest for Juniors and Seniors with scholarship awards including $500 to the first place contestant!

  • End Times fixation leads many Christians to force an interpretation of current events as fulfillment of prophecy.

  • The Plot endorsements from the back cover read on air for the first time in... forever?

  • What thoughts do you have if a Mexican "takes" an American's job? Make sure those thoughts do not include envy or bitterness, and remember that Jesus said the second greatest command is to love your neighbor as yourself!