Bob Goes to... CANADA? TOLers Go to Denver!

Yellowstone: Petrified Tree sign has been removed because creationists have proved that there WERE NOT dozens of subsequent forests that evolved on top of each other!

Bozeman MT: Soft-tissue T-rex expected to produce more findings via proteins and DNA extracts!

TheologyOnline TruthSmackers in Denver: Hey, why are all these TOL folks in Denver, Turbo, Clete, NarrowWay, TheSibbie, Death2Impiety, Lucky, Neo01, Ratittude, WrestlerDude16, and Poly? There's a TruthSmack Convention going on! Yee-ha!! TOL administrators Turbo and Poly (Tom and Dee Dee) talk with Bob about TOL, and they're naming names... Granite, Hilston, a feminist Christian, a Calvinist, etc.