Immigration: Canada to Mexico to Alaska!

Steve from Canada respects that their national government has outlawed broadcasting any condemnation of homosexuals; and he wonders why natural selection would have dropped the apes ability to swing through trees.

Half of Mexicans worry their government is on the brink of losing control.

Miss Mouse: Animal rights foray into A Beka Christian curriculum (I Can Read Well, Book 4, 63320). Liberals who disregard the Creator are left with only the creation, and they begin worshiping dirt, trees, animals, etc.

Rusty from Anchorage AK debates Bob, kindly, on the KGOV Immigration Solution.

Darryl from the Land of Goshen IN uses economic reasoning in defense of Bob's KGOV Immigration Solution.

New White House Press Sec'y Tony Snow aims directly at the New York Times, CBS News, and USA Today! Cool! But too bad he's defending signing up millions of people for a new Republican entitlement program.

BEL's Bible Tour of Greece Begins Tomorrow:

May 18-31, 2006:
A Bible Tour of Greece

Our 2006 BEL Greece Tour is Sold Out!

We'll travel, fellowship, sightsee, and study Scripture at biblical and historical locations including Athens, Philippi, Macedonia, at Mount Olympus, Thessalonica, Berea, and Delphi!  Then we'll sail across the Aegean Sea on a 3-day cruise visiting Patmos (where John was exiled), Rhodes, and land in Asia for a tour of Turkey's most extraordinary archaeological sight, Ephesus!  And back in Greece, will go to Corinth, the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and see where Paul preached at on Mars Hill!  The cost is your airfare to Athens (around $1,000 and we will be happy to help you book your flight), plus $2,150 which covers most others costs (see details below)!

To get an idea of what a Bible Tour with Bob will be like, consider viewing A Bible Tour of Israel (VHS & DVD) and enjoying A Bible Tour of Turkey (MP3 CD)!

To select a great tour guide, Bob called a friend at Answers in Genesis, since they've toured Greece recently, and we're happy to announce that we've booked Costas Tsevas, who comes highly recommended by AIG as an excellent Christian tour guide!  Throughout the tour, Costas and Bob Enyart will work together to teach and edify the group!

Travel Details (or listen here to Bob's description!):

Our itinerary for this 14-day Bible Tour of Greece includes a three-day cruise in Greek Islands as follows:

Day 1  Thu. May 18:  Departure from the US. Enjoy your dinner on your airplane and experience the transatlantic flight over in Europe.

Day 2   Fri. May 19:  Arrival in Athens and then with a domestic flight of 40 minutes arrive in Kavala (ancient city of Neapolis) near Philippi, Macedonia.  You will be taken to your hotel for orientation and dinner.

Day 3  Sat. May 20:  Morning worship at Lydia’s River with your group, then have  lunch and  visit the ancient city of Philippi along with Paul’s prison, theater etc.  Dinner and overnight in your hotel in Kavala (ancient city of Neapolis).

Day 4  Sun. May 21:  Spending the entire day following the Steps of the Apostle Paul  to Amphipolis and Appolonia, with lunch on the road.  Overnight and dinner at your hotel in Leptokaria (located at the foot of mountain Olympus ).

Day 5  Mon. May 22:  Classic city tour of Thessalokini visiting all biblical sites in the town like Egnatia Road, Galerius Arch, the Castle and Museum and the historic church of St. Demetrius; lunch in Thessalonica.  Free time in the late afternoon. Overnight and dinner at your hotel in Leptokaria.

Day 6  Tue. May 23:  Visiting the historic sites of Ancient Macedonia in Vergina, and the biblical city Berea (the Bereans were more noble than others, for they searched the Scriptures daily to verify the truth of Paul's teaching, Acts 17:11)!  Dinner and overnight at your hotel in Leptokaria.

Day 7  Wed.  May 24:  Visiting the famous Byzantine monasteries at Meteora; lunch in Meteora and travel to Delphi; dinner and overnight in Delphi.

Day 8  Thu. May 25:  See the ancient city where the pagan Oracle at Delphi ministered, along with the temple of Apollo, to help understand the religious context for much of the New Testament history; lunch in Delphi.  Travel to Athens; dinner and overnight in Athens.

Day 9  Fri. May 26:  Departure for the three-day cruise to the Greek Islands and Turkey! (all the meals will be served on the ship.  Embark at 11 a.m. and sail to Mykonos for short  afternoon visit. Evening sail for the beautiful island of Rhodes.

Day 10  Sat. May 27:  All day on the island of Rhodes! Optional excursion to Lindos. Sail for Patmos and  Kusadasi Turkey.

Day 11  Sun. May 28:   Morning call at Patmos where John was exiled; tour to the monastery of John the Evangelist and the Grotto of Revelation where he very possibly wrote the Apocalypse.  Afternoon arrival at Kusadasi, Turkey, excursion to Ephesus. Night sail for Piteous.

Day 12  Mon. May 29:  Return to Greece (Piraeus). After breakfast we take a whole day tour of Corinth where apostle Paul stayed for 18 months, from where Paul wrote some of the NT epistles.

Day 13  Tues. May 30:  City tour of Athens, visiting the museum of Acropolis, Parthenon, Agora and Mars Hill (Aereopagus); lunch at Plaka and a special Greek night and homemade dinner at CosmoVision Center in Koropi, (Our tour guide Costas works with CVC which is a ministry of AMG International).  We will learn about Christian ministry in Greece and the region, and enjoy Greek dances and other surprises on this last night the group shares together in Greece!

Day 14  Wed. May 31:  Return back home full of memories, with biblical insights, knowledge, blessings and new friendships!

The $2,150 price includes all sea and land arrangements and taxes from the moment of the group's arrival in Greece to their departure including hotels (four-stars or Best Western standard in double occupancy); all land transportation on an air-conditioned bus, all meals (excluding beverages), all archeological sites fees, (namely Athens, Corinth, Vergina, Philippi, Meteora, Olympia and Delphi), all tips (except our bus driver and tour guide), the three-days cruise includes inside double cabins or outside double cabins upon request (the one day excursion to Lindos can be purchased during the cruise); and the side tours in Patmos and Ephesus.  Additionally, you must purchase your airfare to Greece (around $1,000), and we will be happy to help you make your reservations!

Our guide, Costas Tsevas, works with Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel or AMG International.