Two Shows in One: 1) KGOV Immigration Solution; 2) ABC

Contrasting the immigration policies of heaven and hell* KGOV Immigration Solution: with 11 million illegal aliens in America, the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps at the border, massive pro-illegal immigration protests, many illegal immigrants boldly calling for our laws to be defied, and American citizens paying billions annually, to care for illegal immigrants health care, food, education, housing, etc., yet protestors wave thousands of Mexican flags raising the question of where their allegiance lies, to America, or to Mexico? To solve America's immigration problem, we should (1) secure our borders (if you don't have a border, you're not a country) to stop the infiltrator, spy, saboteur, and terrorist; (2) prevent immigration of fugitives, convicted felons, the highly contagious with a deadly disease, and Islamic extremists; (3) photograph and record DNA and fingerprints of immigrants (4) punish all crime swiftly and severely; (5) end welfare which equates to theft; (6) love your neighbor by welcoming all comers realizing also that living in America is the best way to introduce a family to the gospel of Jesus Christ!

* Joseph from Stratford IA (north of Boone): concurred with Bob's immigration solution step-by-step and added additional insight!

[The above two immigration segments occur in the second half of this radio show. The program begins with these next two segments:]

* Eclipse: Millions of people on the other side of the globe saw powerful evidence of our creator God in today's eclipse, which happens because of the perfect size-to-distance ratio of the Sun being 400 times larger than the moon and 400 times further away! And the gravity of the moon, by its perfect mass and distance, tugs on our oceans producing the tides that oxygenate our living seas! For more, check out

* ABC: Abortion Breast Cancer Link, Dr. Joel Brind, professor of biology and endocrinology at Baruch College NY, filed the the minority dissenting comment at the National Cancer Institute's conference on the ABC issue. Long before implantation, the fertilized egg, that is, the tiny living human being, announces its arrival to the mother, and that signal prepares her body to feed the fetus and, once born, the infant. And abortion disrupts the mammary gland transition, which accounts for the increase in breast-cancer among post-Roe women of child-bearing age. Similarly, Colorado legislators recklessly disregard women's health trying to pass an Over-the-Counter Plan B Morning After pill. And finally, Bob challenges Dr. Brind's legal positivism and support for "pro-life" laws that will keep abortion legal long after Roe is overturned.