Re-run: CRTL & WRTL Debate Fetal Pain

Re-run from yesterday, Dec. 5, 2006
(This re-run allows the broadcast radio audience to catch up with the programming):
 * The Rocky Mountain News: announced yesterday's debate on BEL between CRTL and WRTL.
 * Wyoming RTL President: Steven Ertelt, founder and editor of, defends NRTL's plan to address a problem of fetal pain by requiring abortionists to offer anesthesia for late-term abortion.
 * Colorado RTL President: and Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough exposes NRTL's Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act as a violation of God's enduring command, Do Not Murder, since complying with its requirements then permits the killing of a late term baby. Also, Rohrbough shows that giving pain killers to the fetus will alleviate the concern of some mothers sufficiently enough to convince them to abort their babies.
 * Host Bob Enyart: sides with CRTL against NRTL and Republicans whose law would make even late-term abortion more "humane" and socially palatable, and might even keep such killings legal for decades, well after Roe v. Wade's eventual demise.
 * Enyart & Rohrbough Break In: to the debate with comments taped immediately afterward, quoting directly from HR 6099 itself and from Ertelt's own editorial to refute his claims supporting this tragic proposal.
 Today's Resource: If ever Christians needed to watch Focus on the Strategy, it is now! If you haven't watched Bob's Focus on the Strategy DVD, you owe it to yourself to strap on a seatbelt and watch it with a friend!