Flying Cows, Pigs in Robes, and St Patty's Parade Rout

  • A sister's stolen car hit her brother's home in Des Moines, and the brother attributes the outcome to "luck," but to use proper biblical terminology, it was not "luck," but as Jesus said, it was "chance" (Luke 10:31)!

  • What do flying cows, illegal immigrants, burning cop cars, and Bob's hometown of Prospect Park have in common?

  • Yesterday, Colorado Senators voted to promote emergency "contraceptives" to young women; Today, the government reported two more women died after taking RU-486.

  • Third shooting in a Southern California Denny's in three days, with the locations being coincidental, but the crimes being related as result of America's failed criminal justice system.

  • Antonin Scalia, talking like a pig to students at the New England School of Law, said jokingly that, "sexual orgies eliminate tension and ought to be encouraged." Railing against a moralist judge, his argued for a judicial moral relativism that views right and wrong as irrelevant, and anyone who thinks otherwise "needs a reality check." Contrariwise, God inspired Moses to record the godly counsel that government leaders should select judges from "able men, such as fear God, men of truth" (Ex. 18:21). On this disagreement, Focus on the Family now sides with Scalia and opposes God.

  • Bob Enyart Live exploited America's second largest St. Patty's Day parade a while back, after a staffer with an Irish sounding name, McBurney, entered us into the Denver parade, where we ended up with 100 people marching with Clinton Raped Juanita banners as part of the parade!