Read Bob's Classic Editorial in the Rocky Mtn News

  • Errata: U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Marten (tolerant of juvenile sex) was not nominated by a Republican but by Bill Clinton.

  • Formerly alien-infested scientologist Tom Cruise plans to eat his baby's umbilical cord and placenta.

  • Two Duke University students arrested for rape, and a related outrage is that even conservative media outlets do not condemn the very notion of hiring "strippers," showing how feminism has helped to undermine the respect women.

  • Bob tells the story of resigning from the Accountability Committee for Colorado's Adams City High School when they began giving condemns to kids and eventually, the pregnancy rates skyrocketed. The Rocky Mountain News re-published Bob's resignation letter three years later...

  • One of our Denver Bible Church full-time pro-life missionaries, Keith Mason, works with Operation Rescue to make it difficult for abortionists to kill children in Kansas, which has helped reduce the child-killing rate there by 16 percent!

  • After TOL atheists criticized Dr. Walt Brown's theory that rocks from Earth have shot into outer space, Scott from Indiana enjoyed the secular New Scientist article that presents this as a real possibility!

  • China's economic growth surpasses Britain's but America, with one-third the population, is still far ahead China. Why? Because we have more of what makes an economy thrive: We serve one another! Also, What is money? Money is a transferable I.O.U. (I owe you)!