People are Not Basically Good, They're Basically Like the Beatles

Summary: (Rev. 20061019)
* Hillary Clinton: is now wearing a cross around her neck, according to the NY Daily News, in an attempt to mock Christ by using the Christian symbol to get more votes:

"It's not a real change," said Bob Enyart. "Hillary is just cross-dressing."

* The Beatles: sang "all you need is love," and then they broke up.
* Paul McCartney: wrote the lyrics, "all you need is love," and then he broke up with his wife Heather.
* A Famous Beatle: beat his wife, stabbed her with a broken wine glass, assaulted her while she was pregnant, tried to stop her from breastfeeding their child, and verbally humiliated her, as his wife Heather has charged her husband Paul McCartney, who was allegedly a member of the Beatles!
* Maureen from Aurora: now understands that Jesus did NOT teach that we should forgive automatically, but that we should rebuke the brother who sins against us, and "if he repents, forgive him" (Luke 17:3)! On the cross, the Lord said, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do," because while they knew they were murdering an innocent man, they did NOT know (although they should have), that they were killing the Creator and Messiah!
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