Ford Breaks Promise to Christians, Funds Homosexuals

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Date: Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 8:01 AM
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Wow, Bob Enyart, wow. Thank you for not letting us forget that it is OUR politicians that have given us taxpayer-funded shedding of innocent blood, not "theirs." Just as Israel did not enter the Promised Land because of their sin and compromise (not because of giants in the land), if we never see liberty and justice for all and if our nation is divinely judged for bloodguilt, it will not be because of the Democratic Party or Planned Parenthood, but it will be because of OUR sin and compromise. If God's people are cast out and trodden under the boot heels of tyrants, or if the American church's candlestick is removed, it will be because the salt lost its savor.

On Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 7:21 AM, Foster Friess wrote:
… in our efforts to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood? Rick Santorum does so skillfully on The View….(link below)? Also below is  President Marjorie Dannenfelser  of Susan B. Anthony List op-ed in National Review.  Both seem like savvy approach….achieves our goal but in a less confrontational way and positions us as champions for women’s health.
Would appreciate your feedback?
Thanks for all you do to advance His Kingdom and restore America’s values. God bless, Foster

Bob Enyart's Reply:

Foster, have you not yet realized that for decades children have been abandoned and pro-lifers scammed with the bogus "defund" PP routine?

President George W. Bush claimed to be against tax funding of abortion yet the Bush administration increased funding to Planned Parenthood by nearly a billion tax dollars over and above what Bill Clinton had been able to give them, and this was true even though for four years Bush and the Republicans had a historic monopoly on power with the trifecta of Republican control over the executive branch, and the legislative branch, and the U.S. Supreme Court. And G. W. Bush gave Planned Parenthood all that money even though it is fungible, and even though in a typical year 98% of Planned Parenthood's pregnancy "services" consist of abortion.

President George H. W. Bush, like son and just like Roe v. Wade which was a Republican ruling written by Republican Justice Harry Blackmun and passed by a Republican majority, so too, Republican G. H. W. Bush initiated Title X funding which has amounted to a legacy of many millions of dollars annually to Planned Parenthood.
And Jeb Bush, until he started running for president, Jeb Bush sat on the board of the Bloomberg family foundation that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood. 

Foster, you are responsible. You are delusional. You need to wake up, and repent.
To summarize:
* George W. Bush gave Planned Parenthood a billion dollars more than did Bill Clinton
* George H. W. Bush began "Family Planning" Title X funding
* Until Dec. 2014 Jeb Bush sat on the board of a foundation giving tens of millions to PP
Roe v. Wade was written by Republican Justice Blackmun and passed by a Republican majority
- Bob Enyart
Spokesman, American RTL

Today's BEL Guest: Dr. Patrick Johnston, director of Association of Pro-Life Physicians, says the largest special-interest group of our OB-GYN doctors rejects the re-definition of the terms "conception" and "pregnancy" and opposes abortifacients like the "morning after pill." And Doc opposes Colorado's H.B. 1212 which promotes the sale of abortifacients which by design kill countless embryos. Also discussed...
  • Wal-Mart is poised to become the primary abortion provider in America, with their decision to sell Plan B, an abortifacient that will either prevent the fertilization of an egg, or kill a newly fertilized egg by preventing implantation into the uterine wall. RU-486 performs a chemical abortion even later, through the first eight weeks of pregnancy.
  • Iowa officials "tout" their success, in that they *increased* the number of Iowans on food stamps by 42 percent in three years! And Republican administrations increase entitlement spending far faster than do Democratic presidencies.
  • Ford Motor Company reneges on agreement with Christians to continue funding homosexual groups.
  • Nancy Pelosi unveiled some of the Democrat agenda, including free broadband access for all (but no cars, refrigerators, etc.), and support for American workers to unionize (although they better not try that at the Pelosi-owned golf course, hotels, and restaurants, where she does not allow unions!
  • 2 murdered, 2 hurt in a California Denny's by a murderer who then committed suicide and found himself in the hands (Heb. 10:31) of a vengeful God.
  • Email: "Bob, we will fool the American public by changing the name of the Roe v Wade decision to Smith vs Jones, and then we'll abolish Smith vs Jones, and the public will never catch on!"