Jill Stanek tells of evidence for modern day vampires

The Greek Orthodox Church is distributing flyers Sunday stating that the Da Vinci Code from a "historical point of view... is wholly false" and Tom Hanks takes Christians for fools claiming his movie can do no harm.

Public high school vice principal charged with sexual misconduct with students, while twelve students are suspended for sexually assaulting their second-grade classmate, while self-reported oral sex among teen girls more than doubled (since Clinton's absurd denials), while an 11-year-old smoker and drinker became a mom in England.

WorldNetDaily columnist Jill Stanek has found evidence of real life vampires on the Northern Kentucky University!

Our word goodbye comes from the phrase "God be with you."

Christians will join Quinn from Indiana protesting at a local woman's book signing of her recent pornography publication.

Atheist Forrest is back for more, and specifically criticizes Bob over statements he made years ago about the minimal lunar dust on the moon, and also for asserting that various people hate God, which Forrest claimed that not only does he not hate God (nor Bob for that matter), but that he has never heard anyone say that they hate God.

On Atheists Hating God: In reply, Bob asked Forrest to read the email he had recently sent to BEL, which Forrest read using the most gentle tone, skipping his crude language, and in his own words predicting and hoping that Bob's wife and children would soon abandon him, etc., which Bob thinks should demonstrate that Forrest exhibits hatred, but is unable to objectively assess even his own emotions, let alone those of other atheists.

On Moon Dust: As evidence of NASA's unnecessary worry that billions of years of settling dust on the moon might prevent a successful landing, Bob mentioned the NASA Surveyor Program, about which, Wikipedia states, "Before this project, it was unknown how deep the dust on the moon was. If the dust was too deep, then no astronaut could land." When this was described to him, Forrest said, "I don't believe that that's even a fact," although he seems to have relented on this denial later. NASA's fear was eventually alleviated, and as of this summary, we're unsure whether that fear had totally disappeared during the design stage of the "feet" of manned Lunar Lander. For a great update see rsr.org/moon-dust.

CORRECTION: On this show at 38:35, Bob repeated what may be a creationist urban legend that Neil Armstrong publicly spoke of his own concern about the amount of dust on the moon. But NASA's history, including the Surveyor missions, shows the organization had such a concern.