Republicans have Upped the Nat'l Debt to $9 Trillion

  • Republican presidents, primarily, have run up our record $9,000,000,000,000 national debt (9 trillion dollars), which effectively increases your own debt by $30,000!
  • The pervert who kidnapped and sexually assaulted two 17-year-olds should be executed, and a National DNA Database would be an extraordinary deterrent, and may help prevent a million crimes per year!
  • Re-addressing Dubai Ports World, arguing that economic interaction increases national security, as with Japan being less likely to bomb Pearl Harbor now that they own much of Honolulu, or NYC for Rockefellar Center, and as kings would marry their daughters to foreign princes, similarly, Dubai investing $6B in America's security would have increased our security!
  • Adoptive parents met at "a child sex abuse support group," and caged some of their 11 adopted children claiming "the cages were necessary to protect the youngsters, who suffered from... behavioral problems." The government should not pay folks to care for adopted or foster kids because that attracts people who want the money more than the kids.
  • Caller Eric: Good debate regarding Bob's claims that (1) Dubai Arabs investing $6 billion dollars into our national security would have made us safer; and (2) four of the Ten Commandments should be the foundation of every criminal justice system!
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