Incestuous Tomatoes

Banana Islamic Republic: Iran says (1) Israel must be destroyed, and (2) Hezbollah is winning the war. So then why is Iran leading the whole Islamic world in demanding a ceasefire? To spare the Jews? Puh-leez!

Bob Gets a Traffic Ticket: A simple ticket gives Bob the opportunity to expose the justice system's major conflict of interest (collecting fines), the temporary-insanity shoplifting defense, and the judges systematically training millions of people to lie to the court!

From CMI publications Creation magazine and the Journal of Creation:

Horsefly Risk Management: these pinheads weaken the walls of a larval mud cylinder as a precaution to divert the potentially fatal cracks that later develop in mud! I dare an evolutionist to concoct an explanation of what horsefly behaviors could nature select for to pull this off!

Hibernating Turtles: Question to the evolutionist: What happened to the first turtles that fell asleep hibernating underwater?

Wood Petrifies Quickly: Five Japanese scientists proved creationist research and published their results in the peer-reviewed journal Sedimentary Geology showing that wood can and does petrify rapidly.

Plants Reject their Own Pollen: Tomatoes that reject their own pollen taste better, so God designed them that way! When a species loses a complex trait, Dollo's Law says that loss is irreversible. See Loss of Self-Incompatibility and Its Evolutionary Consequences in the Int'l Journal of Plant Sciences. As a result, we get more bland tasting tomatoes over time. :( Species don't evolve, they devolve.

Big Simon (Says) Singh: Presuppositions! We wanted the earth to be billions of years, and we went out and proved our presupposition!

Ultra-high Pressure Minerals: Denying God's creative power, evolutionists claims that UHP minerals form from surface rock subducted many miles below Earth's surface, then resurface, all without getting to hot. And these UHPs turn up all over the Earth!