Meet the Girl Who Survived Being Aborted!

  • Meet Gianna Jessen who survived being aborted at a Planned Parenthood at seven and a half months. The Planned Parenthood abortionist administered a saline solution intending to kill this baby girl, but as Gianna says, "I'm hard to kill." Historically, the abortionist would suffocate most such "complications" (until 2002 when president George Bush thankfully signed the Born-Alive Protection Act). But in this case, a guilt-plagued nurse called an ambulance, and this Saturday, Gianna will speak at a LifeCommercial banquet!

  • A victim saw a man wearing the victim's own stolen clothes! What should the punishment be? Flogging and restitution, of course! We should abolish criminal "fines," which are the HUGE conflict of interest that our very sensitive lawyers and judges completely overlook, being paid to the very system that issues the fines!

  • A Florida dad from close range misses hitting his computer while angry that his son played videogames for too many hours. Rather than shooting at his PC, the father should have said, "Son, you've played too long. Please stop now." And the son should have said back, "Dad, I'm sorry I've been lazy. Please forgive me." But, we live in a liberal culture. So, what's a parent to do (I mean, other than shoot the wall and go to jail)?