Jim's Brother the Adulterer

The Tom Cruise nose dive continues to hurt MI:3 at the box office with a huge drop of 72% in revenues from its third to fourth day.

Jo Scott reports on what we view as the hatred of pro-abort State Representatives toward Gianna Jessen once they learned she survived being aborted by Planned Parenthood.

Godisnowhere.org's Jim Schofield relates the utter devastation his brother's adultery has wrought upon the whole family, discussing whether or not he was saved (a true Christian) to begin with (yes, he was). We also describe how under the law by good works, you must first forgive others before God will forgive you, but under grace, you are first forgiven, and THEN you can forgive others.

Ron from Colorado Springs has an idiosyncratic view on divorce that Bob attempts to deconstruct.

Joe from Noblesville IN asked Bob and Jim to talk through the issue of God's character and will, and that God does right because He chooses to do right, not because He is unable to do otherwise.