Wal-Mart's Plan A: #1 Retailer; Plan B: #1 Abortion Provider

  • Drake University student tries to live at Wal-Mart for spring break!

  • Guest Brian Rohrbough talks through boycotting Wal-Mart for selling the abortion pill.

  • Alicia from Aurora CO works at Wal-Mart and objects to the criticism until she reconsiders, and then agrees that she will ask her boss to register her disapproval.

  • Art from Westminster CO fails to convince Bob and Brian that Wal-Mart's basic business is bad for China and America.

  • Biff from Denver, heartbroken about Wal-Mart selling the Plan B abortifacient, and is looking for somewhere else to shop; and also, he's holding a Focus on the Strategy party at his home!