Rapist Behind Bars with Pro-Lifers' Help

 * Local NBC Affiliate: reports pro-lifers helped to nail an Arkansas step-father rapist when they photographed him at the St. Louis area Hope abortion clinic. The clinic complied with his request to abort his step-daughter, thereby recklessly disposing of evidence of the rape, and sending the victim home with her rapist. This is the common, heartless result of the misguided policy of abortion for rape and incest.
 * Analyzing Limbaugh's Analysis: of the Re-publican loses, Bob predicted that spending increases will slow down over the next two years of a Democratic-controlled Congress, and also, that America may see a slowdown of our moral decline, and improvement in the war on terror. With all this, still, Bob is utterly opposed to the Democrats, yet he warns that Republican influence on Christianity is typically more destructive than that of the Democrats.
 * Post-show Update: After six years of the Christian, Bush administration and with the policies of our Republican-controlled congress, sexual immorality has resulted in nearly two out of every five babies being born to unwed mothers, with America hitting yet another all-time low!
Today's Resources: Quick! Strike while the iron is cold! If you haven't watched Bob's DVD, Focus on the Strategy, you owe it to yourself to strap on a seatbelt and watch it with a friend!