Good Night Iowa, Good Night

Bob Signs Off: in Iowa for the last time and says thanks and good bye to KFFF's Jamie Johnson and our listeners!

The Warmest Summer on Record: was 70 YEARS AGO in 1936! That means, subtract 100 PERCENT of ALL GREENHOUSE EMISSIONS FOR SEVENTY YEARS (am I yelling loud enough?), and we still had a hotter summer back then than we've had this year! Even the most extreme global warming prophets of doom are not calling for a 100% reduction in greenhouse gases (after all, then they'd have to kill themselves, and even that would produce some gas)! And yet having to go back to 1936 for the hottest summer on record shows us that elimination of seventy years of ALL greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and you still get the hottest summer in over a century of record keeping!

Just a Reminder: Former NJ governor, homosexual Jim McGreevey, while cheating on his wife, tried to hire his homosexual partner to run the state's counterterrorism effort, even though the guy (?) had no (related) experience and was not even an American citizen (a.k.a. inexperienced gay alien). Meanwhile, O Really O'Reilly stated on his Fox show that just because the McGreevey cheated on his wife and had an adulterous homosexual affair was no reason for anyone to call for his resignation.

In a Wise Move: Ford Motor Company will cut about a third of their workforce in an effort to keep the company viable and save the remaining of the jobs. Regardless, Ford's pro-homosexual stance will help further undermine its workforce and erode its positive social influence.

David from Boone Iowa: calls Bob with some kind farewell words! Er... ah... perhaps, ah... some kind of farewell words.