Christian Argument for OUTsourcing and IMmigrants


  • India's economy soars, and Americans should be generous in sharing our wealth by hiring foreigners and welcoming foreign workers, all within the bounds of good law, and apart from welfare, which itself is theft, and makes millions suspicious of immigrants' motives.
  • Newsweek (3-6-06) celebrates the sexual immorality that often comes with prosperity, "as young people make more money... they're less wiling to obey rules about sex..." and "Living Free... Taboos against premarital sex are falling away... and dissatisfied wives are increasingly... having affairs."
  • In 2005, Des Moines middle schools alone placed about 500 calls to police, and even worse, the county's youth crime is up dramatically so far this year!
  • S.D. Governor Mike Rounds says, "I agree... abortion is wrong because unborn children are the most vulnerable and most helpless persons in our society!"
  • Jack Abramoff, lobbyist for Indian Casinos (who swindled millions from tribes and bribed officials) reportedly paid Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed on behalf of the Coushatta casino to start a grass-roots campaign against a competing Indian casino.
  • Bob gives a biblical presentation on gambling, casting lots, spending and wasting money, and the actual relevant scriptural material is surprising to many Christians.
  • Email Lyle still strongly disagrees about homosexuality and alcohol, but did not respond to the many verses quoted.

Today's Resource: Bob's Bible study album Acts: St. Peter's Church, Vol. I MP3 CD (includes studies on the twelve apostles, and casting lots). To order, call 800-8Enyart (800-836-9278)!