The Ever-Despicable Nat'l Right to Life

* Bob Beauprez is Pro-life: but uncertain how to best communicate that regarding abortion for the life of the mother. We must teach our pro-life leaders to explain that the goal is not to kill the child, but to save mom and if possible the baby. For abortion is always wrong, without exception, and should be abolished.
* The Ever-Despicable John Kerry: is still busy mocking our military. During Vietnam he lied saying that our American soldiers routinely committed atrocities, and that lie cost him the presidency. Now, he has mocked our men in the military, saying that those who can succeed in their education do well in life, but those who don't do well end up in the U.S. military, in Iraq. He thereby mocked our special forces, our mechanized divisions, our marines, our air force fliers, our soldiers, not to mention my own son and daughter-in-law, Josiah and Janna Enyart, who have both signed up for the Army National Guard.
* CNN Repeatedly Aired Propaganda Footage: they received from terrorists of a U.S. soldier being shot to death. Yes, CNN repeatedly airs the footage which the terrorists hope will help them defeat America. As a result, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee justifiably has asked the Pentagon to oust CNN reporters embedded with our troops.
* From our O'Really O'Reilly File: On Fox News, Bill O'Reilly unwittingly has undermined our war effort, by spending the last two years whining, saying, the American People are not going to continue supporting the war in Iraq unless they see progress, etc., O'Reilly, good grief, stop whining. One of the many weaknesses of a democracy is that such handwringing and naysaying can turn public opinion against a just war and undermine support for victory.
* AP/AOL Poll About Black Opinions: show that two-thirds of blacks oppose homosexual marriage. That's better than the other way around, but that's really bad as compared to 40 years ago, when closer to 100% would be against homosexuality of any kind, especially homosexual marriage, 100% of blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asian, were against even homosexuality itself.
* People are Basically Like the Beatles:, Paul McCartney's wife Heather reportedly has audio and video recorded evidence of the alleged Beatle's verbal and physical attacks.
* A Judicial Campaign in Texas: shows that people are basically bad. A mom wants to be a judge on Texas' 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, and her son, a famous NFL quarterback, prohibited her from continuing to use his picture in her campaign ads, because their relationship went bad six years ago.
* Nat'l Right to Life Endorses Another Pro-Abort: New Jersey Right to Life refused to support their pro-choice Republican candidate for governor, Tom Kean. But NRTL has long endorsed child-killers who they hope will be of political value in the future, doing evil that good may come of it, and not recognizing that their compromise on Do not murder is helping to destroy the entire moral foundation of America and even the Body of Christ.
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