Protesting the Protester

  • Ken and Jo Scott Protest Phelps: The Reverend Fred Phelps, the nationally known filthy-mouthed protester gives all Christian protesters a bad name. So pro-life activists Ken and Jo Scott organized a protest at Phelps' church! Touché! Watch Channel 27's news report, from NBC's Topeka Kansas affiliate, of Ken and Jo Scott protesting of Fred Phelps!
  • Anti-Semitism: Bob and Jo Scott discuss reasons for anti-Semitism. People hate the God of Abraham and the Law of God, and that is one reason why they hate Abraham's descendants. Mel Gibson's vulgar, racist tirade might have been prevented long ago if he had strongly condemned his father's anti-Semitic writings.
  • Hezbollah Girly Men: The Party of Allah terrorists fired at Israel while hiding behind children and women's skirts in Qana, and from behind a UN observation post. Hezbollah intentionally targets civilians. So then liberals (blinded by their hatred of anything related to Scripture, including Israel), blame Israel when civilians die, even though the Jews first leaflet civilians, giving them time to evacuate before the Israel retaliates. Thus, it is difficult to understand how liberals can blame the children's deaths on Israel, instead of on the Islamic terrorists firing from behind the children, until you factor in the blinding hatred of liberals toward anything that reminds them of the God of Abraham.
  • Chester from Denver: As an Arab who loves Israel, Chester furthers Bob's argument that many of those who hate Jews are motivated out of opposition to Christian and Jewish Scripture. Chester closed by thanking God for ministers like pastor Bob Enyart.