Never Before Heard Columbine Recordings

* Never Before Heard Recording of Columbine Aftermath: On the seventh anniversary of the Columbine murders, Danny Rohrbough's dad, Brian Rohrbough, plays startling recordings revealing that Columbine could have been prevented.

* KGOV Columbine Murders Programs:
- Never Before Heard Columbine Recordings, Pt. 2Pt. 3
- Columbine Memorial Words Revealed
- Columbine Memorial Controversy and Dad's Courageous Words
- Columbine Dad on Dobson's Pledge and Evidence
Randy Brown and Brian Rohrbough Expose Columbine & Pt. 2
Stunning Tale of the Two Counselors
Father of Victim Thanks Oprah (for canceling show)
Brian Rohrbough Tonight on CBS News with Katie Couric
K thru Hell! (Rohbough & Rich Petrone; telling Clinton to his face that he's reponsible for worse), Pt. 2
Brian Rohrbough & Don Fleming
- Columbine "Post" Mortem
- Dad on New Columbine Book
Columbine Dads vs. Ward Churchhill
- Evan Todd Tells of Surviving Columbine Library
- Three Columbine Seniors
- Columbine and Luvox
- Columbine Dad to Speak to OSA
- Audio from a Columbine Protest
- Columbine Revisited
- Life After Columbine

* See AlsoChurch Murderer Shares Columbine Motivation.

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