Looking Back at the Debate and Taco Bell

* You won't believe: how the Denver Department of Health handled a Taco Bell fiasco exposed on BEL back in the 1990s.
* Jo Scott from Denver: says from talking to thousands of women going into abortion clinics, that many are looking for a justification for killing their child, and anesthesia will d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y help convince women to have a late-term abortion.
* Quinn from Manchester IN: says his town newspaper has already argued that a fetus' supposed inability to feel pain is justification for legalized abortion, and of course, they would incorporate anesthesia in their defense of late-term abortion.
* Chester from Denver: referred to Proverbs 10:17 and was startled by how terrible the Nat'l Right to Life argument for fetal pain killer is, and how obvious that would backfire against the pro-life effort.
Today's Resources: You may want to watch this classic BEL TV show, Megan's Call! Megan thinks that because she is a nice person, she deserves to live in heaven. Then she hears how evil she really is, and what to expect as her true final destination, unless she repents...