New Clues on Galaxy Evolution! Clues? Clues??

  • After Katrina, BEL suggested inviting 10,000 Mexicans to come here to clean and rebuild, and if they did a good job, they would get citizenship! Now, a demographer estimates at least 10,000 immigrant workers in the region. Too bad our government doesn't know right from wrong enough to have secured the border and to have invited these guys in legally!

  • Colorado's Governor Bill Owens recommended privatizing RTD, the Regional Transportation District! Yea!

  • Robbie from Little Rock AK talked to Asa Hutchinson about not compromising on abortion, and that he shouldn't value the life of a rapist more than that of an innocent baby. Good going Robbie!

  • Lolita from Littleton CO points out that the media switched the colors for the Re-publicans and Dumocrats. Previously, they colored the more socialist party red and the connection to the communist reds made sense. Now, they color the Re-publicans red, and that may have been an intentional effort to help re-position the Dumocrats.

  • New clues as to how galaxies evolve? Clues? I thought they had pretty much figured out how the universe came to be in its current state! You mean that don't even know how galaxies evolved, and their still looking for clues? According to Nature magazine, and Physics Essays, the Big Bang theory did NOT enable scientists to accurately predict the distribution of elements or the microwave background radiation temperature of the universe! And no, they don't know how stars form, or how the moon got here, or even whether stars or galaxies form first!