A Third of Conservative Christian Kids Believe in the Occult

  • An Iowa man wrongly forgives (Luke 17:3) his sister's unrepentant murderer, who purposely ran her down with his pickup truck.

  • The AFA reports that about a third of "conservative Protestant youth" believe, definitely or possibly, in reincarnation, astrology, seances, psychics, and that Jesus is not the Son of God, and almost two-thirds believe "all faiths teach equally-valued truths."

  • After testing about 100,000 youths on their Christian worldview, Nehemiah Institute founder Dan Smithwick tells Bob that increasingly, Christian teenagers hold liberal and even pagan views. Intensive Christian worldview education is an antidote.

  • Caller Tony: Bob, I shared with Alabama's U.S. Attorney that justice by committee, i.e., the jury system, is a bad idea!