Only Support the Troops If You Support the War!

  • Florida councilman won't swear support for government because of Iraq war. Bob looks at justification for war. And then discusses the bigger issue of thoughtless conservatives who say, "Even if you oppose the war, you should support the troops," thereby promoting moral relativism because, for example, no one should have supported the German troops in WWII.

  • Christian TV station owner refuses to air baseball game on Good Friday, and instead will air Inside Edition and a Primetime show featuring a Tom Cruise interview. Cruise says you can be a Christian and a scientologist at the same time, even though scientology teaches that aliens escaped their doomed planet to come to earth and today live in your brain unless you pay a scientologist to clear them out!

  • Bob says he has a revealing Jay Sekulow/ACLJ story to tell next week!

  • Douglas from Dunn NC says a beautiful five-year-old boy is alive because he would not help his then 15-year-old step daughter have an abortion! Also, Douglas asked for tips on explaining to an unbeliever why God could not save us unless Jesus died for our sins.

  • Five-year-old paralyzed shooting victim apparently wrongly taught to forgive everyone. The general principle on forgiveness, taught by Jesus, is that we should forgive someone who sins against us "if he repents" (Luke 17:3), otherwise, repentance becomes superfluous.

  • The 15-year-old boy sentenced to four years for raping four young girls will come out worse than he went in; we should abolish prison, and sentence criminals only to divinely authorized restitution, corporal or capital punishment.

  • Sean from Phoenix AZ (contrast Dunn's terrain) called to pit Bob's rebuttal up against Timothy Lynch and Milton Friedman's After Prohibition arguments for legalizing drugs like crack cocaine and heroin. Bob supports outlawing drugs whose primary purpose is to make people high (which turns them into an unacceptable risk to society). Also, Bob opposes America's 1920-1933 Prohibition of alcohol since God's Word permits alcohol but not drunkenness. And remember that Prohibition did cut death from alcoholism by about 70% and death from cirrhosis by half. Also, in 1905, three states prohibited alcohol, and nine states by 1912, and 26 by 1916. In 1913 Congress generally prohibited shipment of liquor from wet to dry states. This chart is from