RSR: Denver Museum Curator Says He Might Not Exist

Many Atheists: Life, Not Life* Denver Museum Curator Kirk Johnson: Bob Enyart attended the Denver Museum of Nature and Science along with scores of Christian homeschoolers. When Bob questioned the truth of an exhibit aimed at kid's eye level, museum curator Dr. Kirk Johnson answered a question with a question by quoting Pontius Pilate: "What is truth?"

* Looking for Common Ground with Captain Kirk: The creationist tied to find common ground with the atheist. Hoping to get the curator, whom we now fondly refer to as Captain Kirk, to at least admit to the existence of some truth, Bob asked, "Dr. Johnson, do you exist?"

The Ground Might Not Exist: To which Dr. Johnson answered, "I don't know if I exist." This occurred in view of a home-school crowd attending the museum and inf front of a Colorado Springs Gazette reporter.

If Captain Kirk Exists, Then What? Enyart then suggested to Kirk: Dr. Johnson, you intuitively fear God and so you are refusing to admit that truth exists because you know where truth will lead you. Truth will lead you to the God of truth.

Dr. Kirk Johnson's Intellectual Tantrum: Of course that's exactly where Dr. Johnson doesn't want to go. Rather, he threw an intellectual tantrum by implying that it was just possible that he might not exist. Rather than analyzing his behavior as an example of being unable to think, Johnson knew exactly the implication of admitting that any truth whatsoever exists. Along with countless other atheists, he is afraid that if he admits that he himself exists, then that means that there is truth. And he's afraid of the implications of the existence of truth, because it inexorably leads to the existence of the God of Truth. If this were not so, millions of atheists (and those who mimic them) would not deny the existence of truth.

Don't They Know If They Made Life Yet? Articles in the Rocky Mountain News (before it folded) and in the Colorado Springs Gazette (back when they could still afford to keep their archives online) quoted Denver Museum curator Dr. Kirk Johnson saying that creationists like our friends at BC Tours are "quite backward and intellectually dishonest" and that "they don't believe science exists." And this from a man, whom we fondly refer to as Captain Kirk, who told us that he doesn't know if he exists! Bob's letter to the Gazette (below also) asks, "It's been fifty years since that Miller experiment! Don't they know yet if they made life or not?"

Letter to the Colorado Springs Gazette Editor,

Let me fill in a few details from the creationist BC Tours event at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science described in Paul Asay’s Jurassic Ark story. One misleading exhibit headline, referring to the 1953 Miller/Urey synthesis of amino acids read: Life Created in the Lab? It’s been fifty years! [2019 Update: Now approaching 67 years!] Don’t they know yet if they made life or not? Their question mark is insufficient to counterbalance this false report, since amino acids are essential to life, but they are not life, they are acids. Then, an exclamation mark follows a caption of a toothy cartoon man smiling at a fish. At a child’s eye-level, the museum declares, “Teeth evolved from scales!” If a question mark justifies the false report about life created in the lab, this exclamation mark tells kids with certainty the wild assumption that human teeth evolved from fish scales. Finally, a major exhibit title, How Evolution Works, is answered with the worn out Peppered Moth story, with a change in the percent of light vs. dark colored biston betularia moths in England, which only shows a demographic variation within a species. An increase in the percentage of whites living in Harlem is not evolution; and the fact that Denver’s multimillion dollar “Prehistoric Journey” did not find an actual example of how evolution works tells us creationists that they have no good examples!

Pastor Bob Enyart
Denver Bible Church