Unwed Moms Explode on Bush Watch

 * Almost 2 of every 5: babies born to unwed mothers after the leadership and policies enacted over the past years of a Republican administration and Congress, hurting kids at an all-time high illegitimacy rate of nearly 40-percent.
 * Winter Lull in Warming Hype: Contradicting the claims of global warming, the Antarctic ice sheet is GROWING, not shrinking!
 * Anything Good in China? Yes, at least one thing: A Chinese court has severely punished a handful of criminals, called p-o-r-n-o-g-r-a-p-h-e-r-s, who sexually exploit women. If the ACLU had their way, adult bookstores could legally stack their shelves with child pornography.
 * Trenton Duckett's Grandfather: Accused CNN's Nancy Grace of being "judge, jury, and executioner" of Melinda Duckett, but that accusation should be aimed at his 21-year-old daughter, mother of missing 2-year-old Trenton, who killed herself after refusing to answer questions of her whereabouts during Trenton's disappearance.
 * Abortionist Holiday Home Visit: Denver Christians will visit a Planned Parenthood abortionist's home tomorrow, Thanksgiving morning, to discourage medical students from entering the child-killing industry, and also, so that the BEL community does not permit abortionists to kill kids with tranquility! So if you can be in Aurora CO tomorrow, please join us at 9 am at the Winchell's Donut shop at Evans and Monico.
 * Two Shopping Days Left: until black Friday, when BEL joins Operation Save America and Flip Benham in their protest at Denver-area Wal-Marts. If you're in Colorado, please join us at the Wal-Mart stores at 8:30 am at I-70 & Youngsfield, 10 am at Wadsworth & Colfax, and 11:30 am at 95th & Sheridan. See you there!
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