OSA Debrief 2006

* As promised, here's the video, titled of the veins-popping-out gal, an anarchist counter protester shouting, "Hail sodomy or death camps for you all", in the face of a praying prolifer.

* Anarchist counter-protesters; cops removing their name tags to operate anonymously; fifty pro-life signs illegally confiscated; pro-lifer's car window smashed by pro-aborts; and people trusting Christ in the midst of it all! Denver Bible Church member Jason Troyer and Bob Enyart describe Operation Save America's weeklong stand in Jackson Mississippi, including Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) burning a copy of her own Roe v. Wade ruling, and Bob presenting an update on the Focus on the Strategy project!

* Richard from Ontario explains that it is a hate crime in Canada to warn people about homosexuality on radio and TV. Bob talks about diversity and that he himself came out of the closet.

2020 Update on McCorvey's Reversal: The left of course relishes this, and Norma McCorvey who had said she became a Roman Catholic may now be in sheol awaiting judgment. The DailyBeast admits to being confused that, if it was all an act, and she was just pretending about her conversion, why did she break off her relationship with her lesbian partner, who she continued to live with for years. The article says that partner expressed devastation that their relationship had ended (even though they continued being roomates. We'll all find out the certain truth eventually, but her interaction with Flip Benham and other Christians may have left her conflicted and not totally lying but also not fully convinced. Perhaps she was just going along with those who hadn't forgotten about her. As to Norma being paid, it's completely routine to pay spokesmen. (Of course though, not if you know it's insincere; and, as a spokesman for CRTL and American RTL, of course they wouldn't pay me and I wouldn't accept it if they did.) It's also routine to discuss talking points. As for Rob Schenck however, who was apparently involved with Norma and who has also since become a pro-abort, he was always a dupe. In our abolition trilogy, in Focus on the Strategy 2, he makes this 40-second cameo and we rebuke him for his misinformation, from back on April 18, 2007.