No Parking in the Twilight Zone

* Press Release: CRTL Accepts Planned Parenthood's Invitation to Fight:
The Rocky Mountain News (Oct. 5, 2006, p. 10D) quoted Cecile Richards, national president of Planned Parenthood, saying, "I've never backed down from a fight, and I'll be damned if Bush, Alito, and Colorado Right to Life are going to take away a woman's right to choose."
"We accept the fight," said Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough who was elected to the board of Colorado Right to Life in September. "A web search shows that Richards, the president of the largest child-killing business in America, commonly uses the phrase, 'I'll be damned,' and unless she repents, she's right on that."
"Abortion is always wrong," added Rohrbough, "and Colorado Right to Life is not out for waiting periods, or parental consent, we're out to stop the killing of unborn children."
* CRTL on CNN: On Denver TV news and on CNN, Colorado Right to Life VP Leslie Hanks criticized Ms. Magazine's promotion of 5,000 women proud of their abortions! AOL's poll of 163,000 people shows 47% think Ms. Magazine's bragging about abortion was a bad idea.
* Bob Calls Denver's Pay-By-Phone: Here's an example of how bad customer service is when it comes from the government. Go 'head, just try to pay a parking ticket by phone... we dare you!
Today's Resource: Pro-choice Megan thinks that because she is a nice person, she deserves to live in heaven. Then she hears how evil she really is, and what to expect as her true final destination, unless she repents. Watch Megan's Call DVD or VHS!