BEL Voters Guide: Unequal Pay for Equal Work!

* BEL Voting Principles: to amendments, initiatives, and referendums. To decide how to vote properly on various initiatives, apply biblical principles to the issues. Humanists wrongly believe that people are basically good, and in reality, the majority is not good but in rebellion against God, so power-to-the-people, pro-democratic laws are bad. Anything other than a 5% flat income tax is unjust. Public schools rob parents of their ownership of their children's education and should be opposed. Government should not tolerate the increased risk from people who are intoxicated from either drugs or alcohol, so recreational used to get "high" should be banned. Socialism violates Do not steal, and disability benefits generally destroy the people who receive them. Government should enforce, Do not commit adultery, re-criminalize homosexuality, and permit marriage only between one man and one woman. Business should be free to conduct business as they please as long as they don't commit crime, and in Matthew 20 Jesus defended a businessman's right to pay one employee less per hour for the same work as another, and asked, Is it not lawful for me to spend my money as I wish?

* BEL Voters Guide: For Colorado's 2006 Ballot:
Amendment 38: Vote No because it expands citizens control over law.
Amendment 39: Vote No because we should close our godless public schools, not regulate their spending.
Amendment 40: Vote No because the problem is our godless justice system, not the length of judicial terms.
Amendment 41: Vote No because its 5-member ethics commission will not know right from wrong.
Amendment 42: Vote No because a businessman has the right to pay an employee whatever they both agree to.
Amendment 43: Vote YES to defend marriage between one man and one woman!
Amendment 44: Vote No because government does not have to put up with the risk of potheads smoking dope.
Referendum E: Vote No because disability benefits are often destructive to the people who get them.
Referendum F: Vote No because it expands citizens control over government.
Referendum G: Vote No against cleaning up old language in our constitution so that bad laws continue to look silly or out-of-date.
Referendum H: Vote No because business owners already pay taxes far above the legitimate level of 5%.
Referendum I: Vote NO on homosexual marriage, which, by any other name, is cruel and destructive toward your neighbor.
Referendum J: Vote No on regulating public school spending for their godless curriculum.
Referendum K: Vote No on Colorado suing the federal government, because subdivisions of government should not usurp power.

* Voting for Judges: As a profession, America's judges have adopted a moral relativist, legal positivist position of upholding the law, regardless of how evil the law is, even if it violates God's enduring command, Do not murder! This humanist position is taught at our law schools and typically by our national pro-life ministries. Generally, voting against judges is justified, except we should realize that, because our a law degree is an increasingly godless accomplishment, throwing them out of office would typically results in even worse judges replacing them. In retention elections, judges virtually always get retained, so for an emotional release, feel free to vote against them.

* Colorado Governor's Race: Vote for pro-life Bob Beauprez for governor because his position is truly pro-life. Dan Caplis, KHOW's pro-life talk show host, has pulled his support from Bill Ritter just days before his apparent victory because Ritter's pro-abortion position is becoming increasingly evident.

Today's Resource: Enjoy Bob's full-length novel The First Five Days about the rebirth of America and what a biblical government would do in its first five days!