Nurse Maria Issues Advisory on Medical Manslaughter Law

  • BEL's Medical Analyst Issues Advisory: Nurse Maria warns families about the increasing practice of hospice and hospitals over-medicating patients. A new Health Care Manslaughter Law is coming from Colorado (Palliative Care Exception Manslaughter), to a state near you!
  • HPV Vaccine: Nurse Maria warns that sex outside of marriage is destructive, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and no vaccine, for human papillomavirus or otherwise, can make it safe.
  • Stem Cells: If you didn't know that embryonic stem cells are human beings, then ,a href=""">">look at these snowflake children, adopted as frozen embryos! Nurse Maria explains that adult stem cell research is ethical, but killing the tiniest humans to experiment on them is immoral!
  • Josiah Enyart from Denver: Bob's son calls in to ask his dad to comment on some of Denver's discouraging talk radio programming. And as it turns out, earlier in the day Bob had called the very program that his son heard a part of, to discredit a guest claiming that not Islamic terrorists, but the U.S. government perpetrated 9-11.
  • Bob disagrees with Pat Robertson's assertion (imagine that!) that humans are causing global warming and melting the ice caps. The latest Creation magazine tells of a NASA report that warmer oceans would increase precipitation and therefore, polar ice! And while evolutionists have a hard time explaining the ice age (since it requires cold continents but warm oceans), Bob presents a straightforward biblical flood explanation for the ice age!