Typical Old-fashioned BEL Show

The French find another reason to avoid soap: Washing your blue jeans will destroy the planet.

Florida's governor Jeb Bush warns people to flee from the danger of Alberto Gonzales.

Biggest U.S. Conflict of Interest: fines should not be levied as punishment for crimes.

John from Centennial CO gives example of the conflict of interest of police quotas to write speeding tickets to raise money; also he asks about Body Worlds 2, and Bob discusses the actual smoker's lung displayed at BW2.

Rebecca from Denver, asks about Deut. 30:19...

Violent crimes were not prevented, but only postponed, as sadly predicted by Bob Enyart as America doubled our number of inmates, and now that they've attended school for criminals (prison), their inevitable releases

Riding without a helmet helps Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback lose teeth, face, etc.

Bob reads his guest editorial published in the Rocky Mountain News.