Washington Post: Junk DNA not Junk at All

* Lindsay from Noblesville IN: Thanked Bob for his Nicer than God Bible study album and asked about the principles regarding how to treat a sexually immoral family member.

* Joe from Lookout Mountain CO
: Asked Bob about how to proceed in a relationship with a brother who has not asked for forgiveness after committing a perceived offense.

* We Creationists Proved RIGHT Again
: Anti-creationist scientist Eugenie Scott argued on BEL nearly ten years ago that junk DNA was strong evidence against a Creator. Now, the Washington Post reports: "The first concerted effort to understand all the inner workings of the DNA molecule is overturning a host of long-held assumptions about the nature of genes and their role in human health and evolution, scientists reported yesterday. The new perspective reveals DNA to be not just a string of biological code but a dauntingly complex operating system that processes many more kinds of information than previously appreciated. The findings, from a project involving hundreds of scientists in 11 countries and detailed in 29 papers being published today, confirm growing suspicions that the stretches of "junk DNA" flanking hardworking genes are not junk at all. But the study goes further, indicating for the first time that the vast majority of the 3 billion "letters" of the human genetic code are busily toiling at an array of previously invisible tasks." -June 14, 2007, p. A1  [Hear a a phenomenal 2009 update on Junk DNA and the latest developments in genetics on BEL with CRS' microbiologist Kevin Anderson!]

* Jefferson from Anderson IN : Asked Bob to clarify his stand on pro-life incrementalism, and explain why he would oppose a ban on third-trimester abortion.

* Don't Watch Bruce Almighty : Just get the bottom line here on BEL!

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