RSR: Big Bang Shadow Test, 30-Minute Split & Lucy

* The Big Bang Fails Its Shadow Test: As reported in Science Daily, University of Alabama at Huntsville scientist Dr. Richard Lieu concludes, "Either... the Big Bang is blown away or ... there is something else going on'." The Astrophysical Journal reported on a "vital test of the present cosmological paradigm" i.e., the big bang, that "taken at face value, one may even hold the opinion that there is in fact no strong evidence" for the long-predicted shadow of the CMB from behind 31 nearby galaxy clusters, "beyond the usual primary CMB... variations". As with dozens of some of the most careful and extensive observations ever made in the history of science, the missing shadow is yet another failure, not of an incidental off-the-cuff prediction but of a fundamental requirement of the big bang. As Dr. Lieu put it, "These shadows are a well-known thing that has been predicted for years. If you see a shadow… it means the radiation comes from behind the cluster. If you don’t see a shadow, then you have something of a problem."

* Update: See the Royal Astronomical Society's follow-up corroboration in context at, and hear RSR's 2014 discussion with one of the world's more successful physicists at, that this hard data implies that the CMB may have a foreground source.

* Fred Williams: Fred is the webmaster for the Creation Research Society and co-host of Bob Enyart's Real Science Radio program. Fred describes articles in the 2006 Journal of Creation, a prestigious peer-reviewed science journal from Australia's (later, just Listen or see below for the huge Yellowstone mountain that broke apart, not over millions of years, but in only 30 minutes, and for the newly publicized Australopithecus baby ape that undermines the claims for Lucy.

 * A Yellowstone Mountain Broke Apart: the 424-square mile Heart Mountain broke apart into 50 huge pieces which slid apart over an area of 1,340 square miles, with one fragment, called MuCulloch Peaks, ending up 55 miles away! These massive rock chunks average 1,650 feet thick. Evolutionary geologists made their typical knee-jerk assumption that the slide occurred slowly over geologic ages. However as with countless other massive geologic features, the overwhelming evidence is that this mountain broke apart rapidly. So now, even the evolutionary journal, Geology (34:165, 2006) suggests that the Heart Mountain slide took only 30 minutes!

 * Lucy, The Make-Believe Human Ancestor: just had a baby! Well, actually, paleontologists have just unveiled a young female of the same extinct Australopithecus afarensis species. Ongoing research on Australopithecus exposes as false many of the evolutionists' knee-jerk assumptions about Lucy. For example:
  - "adjusted for body size, the brain was not significantly larger than an ape's brain as had been claimed.
  - "a complete hyoid bone (associated with the larynx) was found which was utterly chimplike. No evidence there of any speech capacity" as had been hoped.
  - "one complete fingerbone is curved, like that of a chimp. Curved fingers are designed for grasping in the trees."
  - "the shoulder blade is gorilla-like, designed for tree-climbing and knuclewalking, not upright gait."
  - "the organ of balance characteristics in the skull confirm that its locomotion was, like a chimp's, not habitually upright."

* Oncolytic Viruses: Cancer-killing viruses, such as measles, polio, herpes simplex, etc., preferentially target cancer cells. Various viruses are useful as agents to transport treatments to cancer cells, suggesting that their original purpose was to protect health. Further, viruses mutate but as with all mutations, they do not gain functionality (or improve), but breakdown and lose information. Further, viruses mutate rapidly, but they have never been observed evolving into bacteria or any other kind of single-celled organism, nor even into a different family of viruses!

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