16th Day 94%! Good News from OH, IL & MI!

* Pastor Trent Cole: of Dayton Grace Bible Church teaches from Bob Enyart's manuscript The Plot online twice a week at Paltalk.com. To join the class (it's free!), go to Paltalk, download their Paltalk 9.0 software (it's real easy) and then enter the Christian Section, and go into Trent's room titled, God's Will Made Clear! Pastor Cole teaches Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. Also, Pastor Michael McDaniel is teaching the Bible "rightly divided" from Bob's manuscript at his West Side Grace Bible Institute in the suburbs of Chicago! Bob mentioned that the Denver Bible Church elders meet monthly to take an assessment of the spiritual health of their fellowship, and to evaluate the ministry, within and beyond the four walls of DBC. And so it will encourage them to hear Pastor Cole's report about these classes, and also, to know that Open Theism (that God is free and able to change the future) has a foothold among black churches! Praise the Lord!
* March 14 at the Brown Palace: Come to Bob's seminar, Focus on the Strategy II, Wed. March 14 at 7 p.m. at the beautiful Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver (any couple who could afford it might spend the night in one of their beautiful suites, and enjoy dinner at their Ship's Tavern or the even more exclusive Ellyngton's!). Registration for Focus on the Strategy II is $30; $50 for a couple, and $60 for a family!
* April 12th in Colorado Springs: For Coloradoans who live south of the Denver area, Bob will present Focus on the Strategy II in Colorado Springs, Thurs. at 7 p.m. at 1625 S. 8th Street. (Registration as above.)
* April 25th in the Capitol: Marking the 40th anniversary of Colorado passing the nation's first pro-abortion law (which has since become the model for most "pro-life" legislation, i.e., abortion for the "hard cases"), Colorado Right to Life will hold an historic event in the old Supreme Court chambers room. The keynote speaker will be Alan Keyes, former U.N. Ambassador and candidate for the Republican nomination for President. Other speakers include Operation Save America's director, the Rev. Flip Benham, and Bob Enyart. A panel discussion to identify the most effective strategy to stop the killing will include Keyes, Benham, Enyart and the president of Colorado Right to Life, Brian Rohrbough!
Today's Resource: We now have MATCHING FUNDS offered from a Denver surgeon that can bring us all the way through to reaching our vital telethon goal! We are 93% of the way to $25,000, and if you click online or call in (800-8Enyart) to pledge (one-time or monthly) or subscribe (TV Classics, Bible Albums, Sermons, BEL Topical Videos) or purchase ANY of our BEL Materials, your giving will be DOUBLED by our matching gift donor! Also, consider Bob's DVD on The Bible, Divorce and Remarriage.