Missing Supernova Remnants & Dentist on Neandertals

* Fred Williams: webmaster for Creation Research Society co-hosts Real Science Radio with Bob Enyart and today they discuss Volume 43, the December 2006 CRS Quarterly, their prestigious peer-reviewed science journal. The current CRSQ mentions, "Our webmaster, Fred Williams, has been invited to appear on a Denver radio station to discuss creation-related issues." And Fred's personal website, EvolutionFairyTale.com, is a fabulous resource and includes a creation show that even your kids will enjoy! You can invite Fred to speak to your group, school, or church by emailing him at Fred@EvolutionFairyTale.com!

* The Crab Nebula: explosion appeared in the night sky in 1054 A.D. as a supernova remnant (SNR). Evolutionary scientists have measured and calculated the expected rate that stars would explode. However, if the universe is billions of years old, the vast majority of SNRs (like the Crab Nebula) that should exist, are missing! Instead, the number of SNRs corresponds well to the expected number if the universe is less than 10,000 years old, especially considering that astronomers have not found a single SNR at Stage 3 (a great diameter). Of course, if the universe is young, there does not need to be any Stage 3 SNRs.

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- That the National Science Foundation, along with mainstream science, has now rejected the supernova origin claim that heavy elements, those heavier than iron, formed in supernova explosions
- Yet space.com is still trying to prop up that now discarded hypothesis 

* The Politically Incorrect: Guide to Science by Tom Bethell is a fun book to read, according to Fred Williams, as Bethell debunks the junk science regarding global warming, nuclear power, the DDT ban, evolution, and human embryonic stem cell research, pointing out for example that adult stem cell cures are succeeding while embryonic cell treatment tends to cause cancer, and the bad-science DDT ban brought about a resurgence of malaria, leading to the preventable deaths of about 40 million blacks in Africa. Liberals mostly don't care (it's not the kids, stupid, it's the fish).

* Bar A What?: Baraminology, or the classification of living creatures after the "created kinds" shows that the Bible's term "kind" roughly matches the "family" designation in the traditional Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species that was originally established by a Christian creationist, Carl Linnaeus. This greatly lowers the number of animals Noah had to bring on the Ark. 2011 Update: Hear Real Science Radio interview a leading baraminology scientist, Dr. Roger Sanders of Bryan College.

* Buried Alive: A dentist, Jack Cuozzo, documents his research into the Neandertals as homo sapiens, and the French governments extreme efforts to prevent him from gaining access to their remains!

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