RSR: The Walt Brown Effect: Q&A

* Jonathan from Thornton, CO: On Day Two, God made the firmament to divide the waters below from the waters above, and that firmament [search for "two pastors"] was not the atmosphere, but the crust of the Earth!

* Pat from Aurora, CO: Like in Walt Brown's catastrophism, today's geologists will admit to the massive Heart Mountain in Wyoming breaking apart in just "30 minutes!" The Heart Mountain Detachment in Yellowstone country originally consisted of carbonate rock at least 1650 feet thick that "covered an area of 1100 square kilometers [that] broke up into at least 50 large fragments and spread over an area greater than 3,500 square kilometers." And this, NOT over millions of years, but rapidly.

* Johnny from TOL: Calling from Tampa Bay, Florida, this evolutionist member of argues with Bob that "evolution is not about an increase in information." Bob argues that the typical claim that evolution is evidenced by harmful mutations, disease, and a loss of information, is merely obfuscation, since both sides of the debate admit that degeneration occurs (things break down). And so, molecules-to-man Darwinists must prove an information explosion (supposedly from protozoan to human), which is not accomplished by their endlessly pointing to genetic loss and disease.
* UPDATE Hypothalmus: Bob updated today's program to accept Johnny's claim that the hypothalmus was never claimed to be vestigial. However, while Wikipedia is not authoritative, it is often reliable; and the history section of the WP article on vestigial organs includes the example of the Hypothalmus as a gland which was once claimed as lacking in functionality sufficiently to be evidence that it is an evolutionary left over.
* UPDATE Information: One of the world's leading evolutionary microbiologists, Franklin Harold, admits in 2001 that, "We must concede there are presently no detailed Darwinian accounts of the evolutio of any biochemical or ceullar system, only a variety of whishful speculations."

* Wayne from Tulsa, OK: The ancient land bridges affected the migration of animals, including woolly mammoths. Also, if dead bacteria or amoebas are found on Mars or in meteorites, these will not have been from Mars, a dead planet, but obviously, from Earth, which is the Living Planet!

* Nathan from Dayton, OH: Dr. Brown presents a simple table of lines of evidence against plate tectonics and also uses Earth's observed features to contrast the Hydroplate and Plate Tectonics theories.

* Vic from Aurora, CO: After lamenting Johnny's call, Vic said that his wife never wanted to listen to BEL, but last night she started listening to the archived Walt Brown interviews, and she kept at it for hours! Also, the Gap Theory is debunked by God's statement in the Ten Commandments at Exodus 20:11 that "in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them..."

* Alan from Denver, CO: The Hydroplate Theory explains how woolly mammoths froze faster than food could digest in their stomachs, in that the fountains of the great deep launched water and rock into outer space as comets and meteorites, but much of the water that couldn't escape Earth's gravity came back down at the poles cold enough to freeze the mammoth exteriors to the required minus 175 degrees F.

* Brian from Denver, CO: Walt Brown demonstrates that the continents on the early Earth did not fit together but that they eroded roughly parallel to the mid-Atlantic ridge. Yet today's textbooks are filled with provable error, like the fit of the continents (which requires massive trickery to perpetrate), and the debunked evolutionary claims about peppered moths and embryos having gills. Also, life being so wildly complex cannot begin by chance even if all needed chemicals were present (as rotting carcasses worldwide demonstrate a trillion times per second), and random changes cannot improve or increase functionality in interfaced complicated systems.

* The Age of Mitochondrial Eve: Read Walt Brown's report on mutation rate research showing that Mitochondrial Eve is less than 10,000 years old, as published also in 1998 Science magazine! (2009 Update: evolutionists have found a way to reject this finding by returning to their original method of using circular reasonsing, assuming that humans evolved from apes and using assumptions regarding chimp evolution to "calibrate" the mitochondrial clock back to 200,000 years.)

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* You'd Get Bad Legs Before You Got Good Wings: Walt rightly asks: Won't a species struggle with bad legs long before they evolve into good wings? Evolutionists at try to distract from that powerful argument by insisting that theory suggests that wings evolved from ARMS, and not legs. Yes, it's true that current evolution theory includes the untenable concept that birds evolved wings from arms. However, current theory also suggests that in pterosaurs, insects, and bats wings evolved from legs. So I provide these links in hopes of getting those guys to stop obfuscating and deal with the actual argument:

Supposed Evolution of Wings "from Legs:"

Pterosaur: Evolutionary speculation suggests that the pterosaur may have evolved flight from the four-legged, ground-running Scleromochlus.

Insects: And regarding the phantasmal evolution of wings, states, "the hypothesis that insect wings evolved from leg branches rather than as de novo outgrowths of the body wall [was] (argued for by Kukalová-Peck 1978 with molecular developmental data contributed by Averof and Cohen 1997)." And "In insects, Kukalova-Peck thinks--and recent genetic comparisons of crustaceans and insects have pretty much cinched the case--the flattened branches on the first segment of one pair of legs evolved into wings."

Bats: "what probably prompted the appearance of bats from mouse-like rodents" and rodents don't have arms, but only legs. And a 2004 NewScientist article argues that bats evolved from mice, while admitting, "Bats have been an evolutionary enigma. That's because the oldest fossil bats look remarkably like modern ones, each having wings formed from membranes stretched between long fingers, and ear structures designed for echolocation. No fossils of an animal intermediate between bats and their non-flying mammal ancestors have been found. ... The lack of transitional forms has also led to speculation about the origin of bats, with some believing that primates are their closest relatives. Genetic studies now show they are closest to ferungulates, which include horses and pigs, or to the shrews and moles."

So of course, a leg would become increasingly worthless as a leg long before it improved survival as a wing.

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Errata: Today's program identifies a post-production edit which indicates that I had wrongly stated that the hypothalamus, which is part of the endocrine system, was considered vestigial. I erred, and TOL's Johnny corrected me. To verify his claim I called Joel Brind, professor of endocrinology at Baruch College in NYC. Dr. Brind explained that the hypothalamus was not identified early in the age of modern anatomy because not it is not a separate organ nor even a distinct gland, but is comprised of clusters of neurons in the brain. So historically, the hypothalamus had not yet been identified when secular scientists were claiming that major parts of what is the endocrine system was vestigial, supposedly having lost all or most of their evolutionary function. Science was retarded for more than 50 years by the widespread Darwinist presumption that crucial parts of the endocrine system, its pituitary and pineal glands, was useless and alleged to be vestigial. Evolution dogma also slowed the discovery of the functions of the tonsils and the appendix which help the immune system. Jerry Bergman's book, Vestigial Organs are Fully Functional reports on a hundred human glands and organs wrongly claimed to have lost their function, which whole topic is another example of the shrinking evidence for evolution (along with Junk DNA that is not junk, the millions of transitional forms that never materialized; etc.). Regarding fully functional "vestigial" organs for example, the appendix works in combination with lymph nodes to filter out harmful bacteria and it is in a prime location to help protect the small intestines from bacteria in the large intestines and it acts as a reservoir to replenish the intestines with the vital good bacteria after they are destroyed by illness.