Board Member Whacks Critic (in love)

 * Focus on the Strategy II: Bob's presentation last night at Denver's historic Brown Palace was a success, and this riveting update of our Christian political strategy will be refined based on attendees' input for future presentations including in Colorado Springs at Focus on the Family on April 12 to some of the leadership there, and at the State Capitol on April 25 by invitation of Colorado RTL. Please come to that event also to hear Alan Keyes, Judie Brown, Flip Benham, and Brian Rohrbough!

* Groundbreaking Documentary: Now available on YouTube: 

* Love Whacks: Colorado Right to Life board member Susan Sutherland replied to an angry "J" with the following two excellent emails. You'll easily infer what J had written in his original emails:

 Are you ABSOLUTELY sure there are no absolutes?
 End of discussion.
 Susan Sutherland
 Director, Colorado Right to Life

And Susan Sutherland's next reply:
Because you present yourself as more enlightened than I, I challenge you to a civilized debate vs. a local radio talk show host. Choose the date and time. If you accept, I will put you in touch with the producer of the show. I personally KNOW for certain that I am unable to debate someone who does not exist. [BE notes: If someone doubts that "truth" exists, we ask them, "Do you exist?," thus either A) finding common ground as they realize that yes, some things are absolutely true, or B) exposing their intellectual temper tantrum, the total ignorance that their godless worldview is leading them toward, and their fear of facing reality. Susan's email continues...] Someone who would dogmatically state, " ...nobody KNOWS anything" then follows that very statement with, "The only thing I know for sure is..." seems to be immensely confused.
 You hate God. And I hate the god that you have created in your own mind.
 The true God, who will judge all the world IS a jealous God and will have no other gods before Him. (Ex 20:5).
 You are wrong to say that jealousy is not a characteristic of God. You know little of the God of the Bible yet claim to know Him well.
 I fear for your eternal soul and I guarantee you I will see you on Judgment Day.
 I pray that you and I will enter His courts together with thanksgiving and praise.
 At this point in time, I doubt it will be so.
 Humble yourself,
 Susan Sutherland
 Director, CRTL

Wow. Susan gave J something to think about and she also gave us great examples of obeying the Bible's commands to "expose evil" and to "give an answer." Please pray for J.

[Request: On this program or at the time of this broadcast BEL was mentioning a "Welfare Poster Boy" 70-year-old Long Island man. If you recall who this referred to, please email Thanks!]