Unauthorized Recording from a Nat'l RTL Board Meeting

* Hear Bob Enyart's Testimony on Behalf of CRTL: Listen to this secret recording which was then broadcast from a closed-door National RTL Board Meeting from the group's annual convention in Kansas City, Missouri during which CRTL testified to the fifty board members and blasted the national group for its immoral and failed anti-abortion strategy. Colorado RTL pushed the national committee until it finally kicked out CRTL, for the CRTL state directors considered get kicked out preferable to unilaterally severing the ties. So fast forward today's program to 13:42 to hear CRTL member Bob Enyart rebuke National Right To Life's president Wanda Franz and their board for undermining personhood by violating God's enduring command, Do not murder. And see also, the Pro-life Profile of NRTL.

* American Family Association News: reports today that "Colorado Right to Life, which is based in Denver, issued an open letter to Dobson, criticizing him for praising a ruling that it says will not save the life of a single unborn child because it does not stop abortionists from killing the child at other stages of development." This AFA news outlet got this terribly wrong. Like most pro-life media outlets, even now, two months after the ruling, AFA's reporter still doesn't know what the U.S. Supreme Court PBA ruling prohibits. He clearly implies, and of course incorrectly, that Gonzales v. Carhart prohibits abortions at certain "stages of development." This reporter obviously is one of millions of Christians who have been misled by the pro-life media. (I know this is circular reasoning, but in this case, that's not only acceptable, it's unavoidable :)

* See CRTL's Press Release: See Colorado RTL's press release describing how they managed to get kicked out of National RTL and CRTL Hosts Hospitality Suite at NRTL Convention!

Today's Resource: Have you ordered extra DVDs for your friends and church library of our 40 Years in the Wilderness video? Please help us distribute the extraordinary presentation recorded at the Colorado Right to Life 40 Years in the Wilderness event at the Supreme Court chambers in Colorado's capitol building. Speakers include Alan Keyes, Bob Enyart, Flip Benham, and Judie Brown. This is the most powerful DVD that BEL has ever been involved with!