* Reprogramming and Dedifferentiation: the latest genetic advances may make embryonic stem cell research a thing of the past. By injecting a few regulatory genes, scientists have been able to coax skin cells to revert to highly reprogrammable stem cells! Cloning is so 1900s, that hopefully, this advance will spare unborn children from violent research and harvesting.

* Bella is Doing Great!: If you liked it, please give it an A+ rating at Yahoo!

* See Photos from our Protest BBQ: you'll want to see the photos in Jill Stanek's report on the barbeque so many of us enjoyed Sunday in front of the home of Bill Hornaday, a construction executive with the Weitz construction firm that is building Planned Parenthood's abortion mill in Denver.

* Vic from Thornton: asks Bob to explain the Colorado personhood amendment process. As petitions are being printed in mass, the will be distributed through various channels including Colorado RTL, churches, and especially Colorado for Equal Rights!

* Pro-abortion Lance from Arizona: makes the following argument via email: "Bob Pleeeeeease! A pregnant woman can't add the unborn to her employer's health benefit plan." When people adopt immoral views, they struggle in vain to find reasonable arguments for their positions. If this argument were true, then if Germany disallowed employee benefits for Jews, Lance would conclude that it should be legal to kill Jews. And if America disallowed benefits (like learning to read, as some of our laws actually did prohibit), then Lance would conclude that it should be legal to kill blacks. Denial of God turns one into a fool (Psalm 14:1).

* Google The Weitz Company: or search for one of their senior executives, like Gary Megisson, and see that nine out of ten sites on the first page link him to the building of a modern day Auschwitz, including GoodJesuitBadJesuit, KGOV, JillStanek, CovenantNews, OperationRescue/OperationSaveAmerica, CatholicNewsAgency, etc. Also, make sure to check out!

* Surgery Going Well for Girl with 8 Limbs: considered the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess with four arms, thank God that little Lakshmi's parents have enough common sense to give her the 40-hour surgery that she needs to hopefully live a normal, healthy life! And pray for little Lakshmi that Christians will reach out to her, and to her parents, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Today's Resource: The Plot is making its debut as a bound book, and what a beautiful book it is! After a decade of sales of thousands of copies of Bob's unbound, best-selling manuscript, now just in time for Christmas gifts, The Plot has will be bound! The staff at the BEL Cabin are all so excited after seeing the first proof copy! If you get The Plot, and want the bound version, please just let us know when you call 800-8Enyart or in the Comments field when you order through the Literature Department of our online!