15th Day 93%! Good News from GA, AL, CA, OK & CO!

* The President of CRTL: The VP of Georgia Right to Life has phoned Brian Rohrbough, president of Colorado Right to Life to encourage the Colorado pro-life leaders who are committed to never again support any law that ends with, "and then you can kill the baby!" You too can make the same commitment to God, and sign the 40/50/1 Commitment! Also, you can watch a 9News report on the testimony over a Colorado Senate bill to end abortion, and you can hear the testimony given by Brian Rohrbough, Lolita Hanks, Jo Scott, and others! And finally, Brian mentioned that long-time friends of BEL in Alabama arranged for him to speak to a Sunday morning church gathering of about 600 people, and to another group in the evening, and spend an hour on local Christian television! Getting biblical truth out to the Christian and non-Christian public is one of the goals of Bob Enyart Live, and with your help, we keep doing it!
 * David from Los Angeles: Couldn't say enough wonderful things about the BEL resources including Bob's fascinating novel, The First Five Days, dramatizing what would happen in the first five days if a Christian government that knew right from wrong began running America! Day One Proclamation: Abortion is murder. Day Two Proclamation... As David says, if you love literature and enjoy a great novel, you will REALLY LOVE reading The First Five Days!
 * Tony from Skiatook OK: Tony also encouraged our listeners to enjoy the BEL Resources.
 * David from Denver: says reading The Plot has tremendously helped his understanding and enjoyment of Scripture! Wow! What wonderful comments from friends all around the country!
Today's Resource: We now have MATCHING FUNDS offered from a Denver surgeon that can bring us all the way through to reaching our vital telethon goal! We are 93% of the way to $25,000, and if you click online or call in (800-8Enyart) to pledge (one-time or monthly) or subscribe (TV Classics, Bible Albums, Sermons, BEL Topical Videos) or purchase ANY of our BEL Materials, your giving will be DOUBLED by our matching gift donor!