Montana is Ground Zero for Dating Dinos

* Carbon 14 Dates: If the earth were millions of years old, we should find no Carbon-14 in most of the "really old" specimens we date since C-14 does not last millions of years. But in reality, the earth is young, and that is why scientists find C-14, which only lasts thousands, not millions, of years, in diamonds, coal, gas, oil, amber, and dinosaur fossils (see more at!

T. rex breaks out of creation museum :)* Bob's Visit to the Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum: The soft tissue in Montana State University's T. rex bones is probably among the best dinosaur material to C-14 date since it has been reasonably protected from groundwater contamination (otherwise, groundwater would have decomposed, and mineralized, the soft tissue)! Bob has just returned from his dinosaur dig in Glendive Montana, and brings us up to speed on the exciting young-earth creationism work being done there!

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