Basic Training on the Death Penalty

 * Walt Brown Week CD: BEL has a fabulous new resource, an MP3 CD called Walt Brown Week! It's just great to reinforcing your own scientific and biblical understanding, and for sharing the truth about creation, evolution, and the Flood with family and friends!
 * Anti-Death Penalty Letter: Berlin from Keyser WV wrote to Bob thanking him for the BEL DVD, New Testament Support for Capital Punishment, and sent along a reply from a member of their local Bible study who opposes the death penalty. This man made some good points, but wrongly assumed that God had given the death penalty to the nation of Israel only, when actually, God authorized Noah, as the new head of the human race, to execute every murderer, and so God gave the death penalty not to the Jews only, but to every nation beginning centuries before Israel even existed.
 * Josiah Enyart in Basic Training: Pam from Nathrop CO encouraged Bob regarding his son Josiah, and his daughter-in-law Janna having joined the Army. Both signed up courageously, during this time of war! Janna just graduated from Basic Training, and Josiah reports today!
Today's Resource: The MP3 CD, Walt Brown Week, is our newest resource! It's available from BEL for $24.99 (or whatever you can afford) by calling Bob's studio office at 800-8Enyart (836-9278).