Media (and blog) Coverage for ARTL Action's First 527 Political Ad

View the 527 American RTL Action Romney Fairytale ad at
The media coverage began with ABC News, Fox News online,, and then Hannity & Colmes, etc.


* ABC's World News, weekend edition, 12-22, broadcast excerpt: senior political correspondent Jake Tapper
* Fox News Channel, Hannity & Colmes, 12-26, broadcast first half of ARTL Action's Romney Fairytale

* Mitt Romney himself has had to respond to the ARTL Action ad!
* Mitt Romney's spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom has had to respond to the ARTL Action ad.

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* World News with Charles Gibson 527s Spend Big Bucks :) 12-22 with "12 Day" video
* "More on that Anti-Romney TV ad" 12-23
* "Unexpected Turns on the Way to Iowa" :) 12-26
*, an earned media service, sent our press release to hundreds of media outlets!

* Hugh Hewitt's own blog at has posters that have linked to our ad :) and here.
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* "devastating anti-romney abortion ad playing in Iowa" links to video & ARTL's Curtis interview on ABC!
* RedState. com "Best Low Budget Ad: Mitt's Abortion Journey: This has got to be one of the best low budget ads of the season. Unless you are Mitt Romney playing pro-life in Iowa." with long list of viewer comments.
* RepublicansAgainstRomney.blogspot .com Ad from American Right To Life highlights Romney deception
* article and video embedded in blog.
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* Leslie Hank's post of Legacy of Judas with links to ARTL.
* PhillipsPhiles.blogspot. com names ARTL in a link to Leslie's Freep post of Legacy of Judas & ARTL site
* links to Fox News ARTL coverage and to ARTL Action site & Romney ad

American RTL Action Romney Fairytale ad is getting exposure, and traction! If Mitt Romney goes down, after spending millions and years seeking the Republican nomination, the news coverage has documented that American RTL has earned a place in history, piling on, and collecting its first scalp! That puts ARTL on the national political stage and will move other "pro-life" candidates to be concerned about ARTL. A false candidate who has advocated killing some kids in the past, and who has not repented, will be exposed. National RTL will not be able to provide effective cover for such pro-aborts any longer. Reporters are enjoying ARTL Action's professionally produced anti-Romney TV ad that's been running in Iowa for the two weeks leading up to the caucuses. And still, another reporter at Fox News has asked ARTL for a high-resolution copy of the ad that they may use to air the full version nationally! ARTL Action is providing traction to the accusation that Romney is a hypocrite and lying when he says he is pro-life. ABC reported that ARTL Action president Steve Curtis hopes to triple his existing media buy with donations to American RTL Action. Curtis is asking people to give online or by calling 1-888-888-ARTL.

Now, ARTL Action has a stunning, new anti-Romney ad almost ready to go. And if they get the funds needed to run this ad (about $30,000 almost immediately) in South Carolina, they might be able to put an end to Romney's bid, and get American RTL permanently placed in the forefront of effective pro-life leadership in America!

ARTL Action is at 1-888-888-ARTL (2785) and online at!

Excerpt from one of the ABC stories

Anti-Romney 527 Launches TV Ad
December 22, 2007
American Right to Life Action -- a 527 group that believes National Right to Life Committee is too soft, and describes itself as existing "to provide leadership in the fight to advocate enforcement of God's enduring command, Do not murder (Luke 18:20)" -- announced this week it has started running a TV ad against Mitt Romney on the Fox News Channel in Iowa.

The ad can be viewed HERE or HERE [ARTL Action's Romney video page].

The script reads: [and ABC reported the entire script from our ad, from our press release]
Once upon a time there was a man named Mitt who said a very bad thing:
Romney: "I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country"
Then he thought of campaigning in Utah and said something different. "I am NOT pro-choice!"
But when he came back to liberal Massachusetts:
Romney: "I will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose."
Then in 2004 he magically became pro-life, but only six months later:
Romney: "I am absolutely committed to my promise to maintain the status quo with regards to law related to abortion and choice."
The spell must have worn off.
Now he's on the campaign trail again, and he's back to being pro-life.
Romney: "I was pro-choice; I'm pro-life." ... "I changed my position" ... "I never said I was pro-choice."
Narrator: BR: Mitt Romney, willing to sacrifice children, lying for your vote.
Paid for by American Right-to-Life Action.