Gazette Publishes Open Letter to Dobson

* The Colorado Springs Telegraph-Gazette published an open letter to Dr. James Dobson asking him to retract the false claims of Focus on the Family that the PBA ruling will, "protect children." This letter warns Christians that our national leaders have become legal positivists, affirming, celebrating, and even praising judges and rulings that authorize the killing of the innocent, such as Samuel Alito's 2000 ruling keeping partial-birth abortion legal, and the 2007 Gonzales v. Carhart ruling instructing abortionists that they can legally perform partial-birth abortions simply by delivering a late-term baby half-way, and then killing him by various methods including by ripping off his legs. This letter is signed by:
- Brian Rohrbough, president, Colorado Right to Life
- Rev. Tom Euteneuer, president, Human Life International
- Flip Benham, director, Operation Rescue / Operation Save America
- Bob Enyart, pastor, Denver Bible Church
- Judie Brown, president, American Life League

* News Reports of this Warning: so far have reached 125 markets, via newspapers and media outlets, in cities and countries around America and the world, including all the major Colorado newspapers, WorldNetDaily, the LA Times, London's The Guardian, many popular pro-life websites, the Houston Chronicle, Forbes, Washington D.C., Canada, Australia, the Miami Herald, Philadelphia, and Focus on the Family's

* Help Us Get This Warning Out: by going to and using the Open Letter Links to take action right now doing things like emailing the letter to a friend and sending a plea to Dr. Dobson. Also, and this could help greatly, please send an email to Matt Drudge telling him about this important news story.

Groups Celebrating this Evil Ruling
National Right to Life: "applauds... ruling"
Christian Coalition: "commends the five justices"
Family Research Council: "Court no longer endorses... killing of innocent, partially-born babies"
Priests for Life: "applauds the ruling"
Concerned Women for America: "justice was served"
  Founder, Beverly LaHaye: "victory on behalf of innocent human life"
  President Wendy Wright: "Court... protect[s] babies from painful abortion"
American Family Association: "reason has prevailed"
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops: "welcomes [the] decision"
D. James Kennedy's ministries: "enormously good news... for unborn children"
Jay Sekulow and the ACLJ: "happy to report... a significant victory"
Christian Law Association: "Court considered the welfare of the unborn child"
Americans United for Life: "praises ruling"
Focus on the Family: "We thank God for this victory that affirms the value of human life."

Leaders Condemning this Evil Ruling
Ambassador Alan Keyes, RenewAmerica
Judie Brown, American Life League
Flip Benham, Operation Rescue / O.S.A.
Prof. Charles Rice, Notre Dame Law School
John Archibold, founding board member, Nat'l Right to Life, AUL
Jim Rudd, Covenant News
John Lofton, The American View
Eric Guttormson,
Brannon Howse, WorldviewTube & ChristianWorldviewNetwork
Dr. Patrick Johnston,
Chuck Baldwin, Crossroad Baptist Church
Steve Curtis,
Ken & Jo Scott, ProLife Colorado
Gino Geraci, Calvary Chapel South Denver
Rev. Tom Euteneuer, Human Life International
Brian Rohrbough, Colorado Right To Life
(Email us to add your ministry to this list of those condemning the ruling.)

* Pro-life Industry Leaders: criticizing the open letter have completely ignored the charge that our Christian leaders have become moral relativists. Bob lays out the dilemma they face. Instead of addressing the substance of our warning, most who disagree say that the signers of the letter cannot criticize Dr. Dobson. However with that claim, they are not hurting Human Life International, Colorado Right To Life, Operation Rescue, or American Life League, they are hurting Dr. Dobson.

Post-show Note: Robbie Robertson from Little Rock: this friend of BEL called into Shawn Hannity's radio show today as Curtis Sliwa (founder of the Guardian Angels) guest hosted and said, "Anyone who thinks Giuliani is a great American, a man who believes in murdering innocent children by abortion, anyone who believes he is a great American, is himself a despicable American." Another comment from one of the brightest audience members in America! Thanks Robbie, we're proud of you!

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