Open Letter to Dr. Dobson (draft)

* Please Pray: For Bob Enyart and the other ministries who are drafting an open letter to Dr. James Dobson to run in the Colorado Springs Telegraph-Gazette (the hometown paper of Focus on the Family's headquarters). Bob plans to fed-ex the letter to Dr. Dobson in advance of placing the ad, to give him a chance to reconsider his support for such an evil ruling. If you are in agreement, please consider calling 800-8Enyart and join Bob by donating to help underwrite this crucial newspaper ad!
 * Jill Stanek: today is quoting Alan Keyes and Bob Enyart at length on her homepage with their arguments that this PBA "Ban" ruling is destructive. You can check out her blog and even consider leaving a comment!
* BEL Back on TV: BEL is back on TV in Alabama at 7:30 p.m. in Trinity, Decatur, and Athens on WYAM TV 56 & CABLE 21!
 * BEL Billboard: has been up in Denver for the past five weeks. A 10 by 30 foot billboard shouts with huge letters: "You're Wrong. I'm Right! Bob Enyart Live Mon-Fri 3pm AM 670" This board brings more listeners to the radio show! One of our listeners, Brian, works for an ad agency and he conceived this project and hired a graphic artist to produce the artwork, and then he raised the $2,000 for the first month, and $1,200 for this second month. (The price comes down as we keep the board up longer.) Now, Brian hopes to find other listeners who will sponsor an additional month, and he invites you to call him directly at 303 949-9670.
 Today's Resource: Please sign the CRTL pledge titled 40 Years / 50 Million Dead / 1 Commitment!!