Bob Interviews Anti-Public School Author Bruce Shortt

Harsh Truth about Public Schools by Bruce Shortt* The Harsh Truth About Public Schools : Author Bruce Shortt talks to Bob Enyart about the devastating consequences of a Christian sending his child to any one of America's public schools, which are all godless. Precious kids are destroyed by the thousands by the sophisticated indoctrination that gradually turns them against their parents and against Jesus Christ. After the influence of their public school education, millions of "Christian" young people reject the existence of moral truth, and blaspheme Jesus Christ by their belief that He sinned while on earth. Please pull your kids out of public school!

* Great Alternative! Hear Bob interview a homeschool leader at

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* "The Thaw" Video Removed from YouTube: If you know where we can find a copy of The Thaw, about the public school bullying of Christian kids, please let us know. By the way, the YouTube code for the film was DYaJjiHr4rs.

* Reason #27 to Keep Your Kids Out of Public School: You're not allowed to write in the books. Great learners throughout history have made their books (and manuscripts) their own, so to speak, by underlining, markings, and recording their thoughts in the margins of the books they read. Not being allowed to do this has hindered the intellectual growth of millions of children in America and around the world.

* Reason #427 to Keep Your Kids Out of Public School: You're not allowed to start a sentence with And, or But, but boys can wear dresses. And the Bible, especially in the New Testament, has thousands of sentences that start with And, and But. A not-so-subtle effort to relegate the Scriptures to the realm of the illiterate is the origin of that absurd though absolutist rule.

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