Time Magazine announces American RTL!

* Bob excerpts Time & the LA Times: the Los Angeles Times today, and Time magazine on Wednesday, wrote about the rift in the pro-life movement between the child-killing regulators and the personhood wing! Join Bob as he discusses these articles. Here's what has happened:

Time Magazine Announces... : On Wednesday, November 21, 2007, Time Magazine announced on their Time.com website the launch of American Right To Life! A week after the invitation-only Pro-life Leaders Summit which was hosted in Denver by Colorado Right to Life, Time Magazine reports as the top story in their website's U.S. section, complete with a beautiful image of an implanted embryo, the following:
* Colorado's personhood amendment effort
* The pro-life movement's rift over regulating child-killing vs. promoting personhood
* National Right To Life's decades-long refusal to support personhood efforts
* CRTL's getting kicked out of NRTL
* A pro-life coalition's full-page ads in national papers admonishing Dr. Dobson for compromise
* The PBA ruling actually keeps partial-birth abortion legal (with slight modifications)
* The launch of a new national organization called American Right To Life
* That Brian Rohrbough will head up American RTL
* That Rohrbough is the dad whose son Daniel was murdered at Columbine high school, who has been an outspoken critic of the American "culture of death."

Time also reported two of our personhood arguments:

* "Colorado Right to Life spokesman Bob Enyart says, 'Embryos are living human beings with eternal souls and spirits. You just have to refrain from killing one to see what a precious child it is.' "
* "Enyart, who is also a Denver Christian radio talk show personality, holds up the Snowflake Baby Movement as an alternative: Don't kill any embryos; instead, encourage people to adopt them. About 100 frozen embryos have already been adopted in the U.S., says Enyart, who routinely steers his listeners to the snowflake website..."

You may want to check out the beautiful snowflake kids in the photo album, to see the face of Colorado's effort to protect these little people from the moment of fertilization!

* 2019 Update: A premature 12-ounce baby girl born in the UK was given 1-in-20 survival odds. See her today!

So with the encouragement of many pro-life leaders who represented organizations in a dozen U.S. states, Brian Rohrbough and other pro-life leaders, including the former chairman of Colorado's Republican Party, Steve Curtis, are getting ready to launch American RTL to fill the leadership and morality vacuum created when National RTL adopted situational ethics and a secular humanist strategy of regulating child killing. Ever since then, the pro-life industry has misled the greater Christian community into moral relativism. The founders of American RTL pray that they will be true to God's enduring command, Do not murder; and that the renewed pro-life vision breaking out nationwide, of a return to a Judeo-Christian biblically-based strategy, will lead soon to the end of the legalized killing of children in America! Praise God! You can read this Time Magazine article online!

Also, today the LA Times quotes Brian Rohrbough and other summit attendees in an article on personhood efforts:

"'The concept that we're going to elect judges who will change everything has failed,' said Brian Rohrbough, a former president of Colorado Right to Life. 'The logical thing is to start with personhood. . . . It's the only legitimate tactic that does not involve a compromise.' ... ... In 1967 [Colorado] became the first state to legalize abortion in certain cases... 'Colorado opened this evil door,' Rohrbough said, 'and there are many in Colorado who would like to close it.' To Rohrbough, the initiative has additional import. A lifelong opponent of abortion, he took up the cause publicly after his son, Daniel, was killed in the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. 'The environment that happened at Columbine was created by a culture of death,' he said. ... They're also optimistic in Colorado, where the campaign to collect signatures kicked off last week with a rally headlined by Alan Keyes, a Republican presidential candidate."

You can read the full LA Times article online or see the relevant excerpts below, including great quotes from Cal Zastrow and a mention of Alan Keyes, "They're also optimistic in Colorado, where the campaign to collect signatures kicked off last week with a rally headlined by Alan Keyes, a Republican presidential candidate."

Initially, American Right to Life will be headed up by Brian Rohrbough, with Steve Curtis as second in command.

* Brian Enyart helps launch ARTL : Until ARTL hires a fund-raising firm, Brian Enyart, Bob's successful brother who just recently moved to Denver, has begun raising funds for ARTL from a handful of businessmen, asking for donations of between $5,000 and $10,000 so that this new national organization can hit the ground running. (None of the directors, officers, or spokesmen of ARTL will receive a salary, and Lord-willing, donations will have an especially strong effect on the battle to outlaw child-killing!) You can be among the first to donate to ARTL! If you would like to help Brian Enyart in his effort to get ARTL going strong, by making a large donation to ARTL's 501(c)3, 501(c)4, or to a political 527 group called American RTL Action, feel free to call BEL at 303 463-7789 and Brian will return your call!

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